Unlimited single permit

This is a work permit where the duration is not time limited. 

It allows the worker to change position within the company or change employer. 


For who? 

Foreign workers employed hired in Belgium who have worked with a permit: 

  • for at least 4 years over a maximum period of 10 years of uninterrupted legal residence in Belgium 

  • for at least 3 years over a maximum period of 10 years if the country or region of origin is Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia 

  • for at least 2 years over a maximum period of 10 years if the worker's spouse and/or their children are legally resident in Belgium 

These years must be covered by an employment contract. 

Long-term residents of another European Union country must be able to prove 1 year of type B work permit or single permit without interruption to be able to apply for an unlimited work permit. 





In which region should the application for a single permit be made? 

The application is made in the region where the worker is officially resident. The worker must be resident in French-speaking Wallonia (Wallonia except the nine municipalities of the German-speaking Community: Eupen, La Calamine, Lontzen, Rearen, Amblève, Bullange, Burg-Reuland, Butgenbach, Saint-Vith).  



The worker who wants an unlimited employment authorisation makes the application.   

  • The worker completes the online application form on the Working in Belgium portal. Or they can complete the paper application form (to be printed in A4 format)
  • The worker includes:
    • a copy of the type B employment authorisations or single permits previously received, including those obtained in another region
    • a copy of the payslips or payroll statements for the most recent full period
    • a copy of the current employment contract or, failing that, another other document proving sufficient means of subsistence
  • The worker posts the completed electronic form with the requested downloaded documents, or sends the dated and signed paper application with the requested documents to permisdetravail.entreprises@spw.wallonie.be