Fixed-term single permit

For who? 

The single permit combines the residence permit and the work permit. It is required by all other workers with a contract of 90 days or more. 



The single permit is a fixed-term permit. This duration must be covered by an employment contract. 

The permit is valid for a specific position with a specific employer.


In which region should the application for a single permit be made? 

The application must be made in the Region which will be the worker's main place of work. 


Procedure for obtaining a fixed-term single permit 

The employer submits the application. 

The employer completes an application 

The employer completes the application form for the fixed-term work permit for his worker. He gathers all the required supporting documents. 

He sends the file to SPW Employment-Training.

SPW Employment-Training checks that the file is complete 

If the file isn’t complete, SPW Employment-Training asks for the missing documents. 

If the file is complete, SPW Employment-Training analyses it. 

SPW Employment-Training analyses the file 

SPW Employment-Training analyses the aspects of the file related to employment. 

If the work permit application is refused, SPW Employment-Training informs the employer of the refusal decision. The worker or the employer has thirty days to contest the decision (from notification of the refusal). 

The Immigration Office analyses the "residence" section of the file 

If the single permit is refused, the employer or the worker has thirty days to contest the decision. 

In case of agreement, a single permit is issued. If the worker is abroad, the diplomatic post issues them with a visa. In Belgium, the worker will collect their single permit in the municipality of their place of residence. 


How should the application be submitted? 

The type of documents to provide depends on the job performed by the worker. Click here to select the category of worker to hire.   

Applications for fixed-term single permits must be submitted digitally using the Working in Belgium federal portal


When should the application for the renewal be made? 

At most 3 months and at least 2 months before the current fixed-term single permit expires. 

For example: if the current fixed-term single permit ends on May 31, make your application for renewal between February 28 and March 31.