Type B permit

For who? 

The type B permit is issued by Wallonia for workers who come to work in Belgium on a contract of less than 90 days. 

It is also issued for some  categories of workers, even if they come to work for more than 90 days: 

  1. Cross-border workers 

  1. Workers who are resident at the  hotel 

  1. Au pairs 


The type B work permit is a fixed-term permit. This duration must be covered by an employment contract. 

It is only valid for the employer and the position identified in the employment contract. 


In which region should the application for a single permit be made? 

The application must be made in the Region which will be the worker's main place of work.


Procedure for obtaining a type B permit 

The employer completes an application 

The employer completes the work permit application form for their worker. He gathers all the required supporting documents. 

He sends the file to Direction of Employment and Work Permits (SPW Employment-Training).

SPW Employment - Training checks if the file is complete 

If the file is not complete, SPW Employment-asks for the missing documents. 

If the file is complete, SPW Employment-Training analyses it. 

SPW Employment-Training analyses the file 

SPW Employment-Training analyses the aspects of the file related to employment. 

If the work permit application is refused, SPW Employment-Training informs the employer of the refusal decision. The worker or the employer has thirty days to contest the decision (from notification of the refusal). 

SPW Employment-Training sends the permits 

If the file is accepted, the employment permit is sent to the employer. 

The worker collects the type B permit from the municipal administration. If the worker is abroad, the employer will collect the permit and send it to the worker. This permit enables the worker to obtain a visa to come and work in Belgium. 


How should the application be submitted? 

The type of documents to provide depends on the job performed by the worker. Click here to select the category of worker to hire.  

Currently, type B permit applications must still be submitted using the paper forms. These will shortly be integrated into the Working in Belgium federal portal so that applications can be introduced online. 



It’s possible to extend a type B permit: 

if the cumulative work period in Belgium is less than 90 days. 

For example, a worker who has already had a 1-month contract and whose contract is renewed for an additional month. 

if the worker is exempt from a single permit due to their situation: 

  • cross-border workers without a maximum duration (except that of the employment contract) 

  • workers resident at the hotel without a maximum duration (except that of the employment contract) 

  • au pairs with a maximum of 1 year 


When should the application for the renewal be made? 

At most 2 months and at least 1 month before the current type B permit expires. 

For example: if the current type B permit ends on May 31, make your renewal application between March 31 and April 30. 


How should the renewal application be made? 

The employer completes the application form 

With the application form, the employer adds:  

  • a copy of a valid passport for the worker; 
  • a copy of their identity card or that of their representative; 
  • a copy of the payslips or payroll statements for the entire preceding period 
  • A copy of the employement contrat 
  • In the case of a secondment : a copy of the letter of secondment 
  • in the case of a secondment: proof of registration in the Limosa register 
  • if this is a subsidised researcher: proof of payment of the subsidy